Chippendale Green

The usual sounds of the city are a distant hum as residents sip on their coffees, perched on sandstone steps bathed in morning light

Jeppe Aagaard Andersen and Turf Design Studio (JAAA+TDS) were commissioned in 2007 by Frasers Property to redefine the public domain for Central Park in Chippendale.
Working alongside acclaimed international and national architects, JAAA+TDS conceived an expanded and interconnected network of new streets, lanes, parks and plazas. Each place is unique and forms a whole greater than the sum of its parts; creating a new urban precinct within City of Sydney’s ‘City of Villages’.

At the heart of this public domain network for Central Park is Chippendale Green, a new public park tucked behind the green architecture of One Central Park.

Chippendale Green has become the emerald jewel of downtown Sydney and provides over 6,400 square metres of passive and informal recreational space for the city’s workers, residents and visitors.

A large public park was central to the masterplan intent, but orientating the park’s long axis (as suggested by Peter John Cantrell) with the frontages of Chippendale’s existing terrace houses proved vital in creating a place of meaning and connectedness; uniting the existing and future community. The park is set back from Broadway and creates an intimacy rarely achieved by a park of this size and location within a central business district.

The usual sounds of the city are a distant hum as residents sip on their coffees, perched on sandstone steps bathed in morning light. At lunch, people flock to the park and take vantage on Sydney’s longest timber bench seat. Patrons have elevated views of the Green and down to Broadway, while the flow of pedestrians moving along Chippendale Way is celebrated with the stream of water downslope transecting the park.

Turpin+Crawford’s ‘Halo’ sits within Chippendale Green; responding to the elements of nature and symbolically echoes the long forgotten processes of the Brewery works.

Since opening in late 2012, Chippendale Green has quickly become the new heart of Chippendale. As the public centrepiece of a new city precinct, it reveals the power of a public domain to unite a neighbourhood experiencing dramatic change; creating a common ground for all. As development surrounding Chippendale Green continues, the value of this public park to the city’s people will only increase.

Photography credit: Images courtesy of Frasers Property Australia and Sekisui House Australia